Discover Dentistry for the Whole Family in Red Deer

Riverside Dental Centre provides preventive, restorative, and cosmetic care for families in the communities of Red Deer County. We offer a range of services able to help patients in all stages of dental health. Our team of dentists help families in our local community reach optimal oral health.

Professional Dental Care in Red Deer, AB

Our dental practice provides patient care for young and mature smiles. Individuals as young as one year old can visit our office to receive a short exam that introduces them to dental care from a professional. This exam also allows our team to monitor their growth and ensure we minimize or eliminate complications before they occur.

We also supply exceptional dental care for elderly patients, offering several restorative dental treatments to improve and restore dental health.

Family Dental Services We offer include:

Cleanings and Exams should occur every six months. These are required to monitor your dental health and address the plaque build-up that develops when you eat food.

White Fillings are exceptional options for patients looking to restore dentition after treating a cavity. A tooth-colored composite resin is used to mask treatment and blend with the natural color of teeth.

Teeth Extraction, including wisdom teeth extractions, occur when teeth grow in impacted, the smile does not have enough room, or when dental health is severely compromised.

Root Canal Therapy is required when a tooth suffers from severe decay. This procedure removes the affected area and restores the structural integrity of the tooth to save it from requiring an extraction.

An Orthodontic Screening is the first step to straightening teeth. We provide comprehensive examinations to determine the correct series of treatments needed to develop the ideal bite for each individual.

Sports Mouth Guards are a typical request from patients living active lifestyles. Whether you play hockey, volleyball, basketball, or soccer, our sports mouth guards help active patients protect their smile.

Teeth Whitening with Spa Dent uses dental-grade materials that allow patients to brighten their smiles several shades in as little as one visit. We offer both take-home and in-office procedures.

Our Patients Come First

As a team of healthcare professionals, we pride ourselves on the effort we put to help our patients. We make sure we allot adequate amounts of time to each patient with one of our dentists to ensure we understand their dental goals and establish a treatment plan that’s right for them.

Our Red Deer dental office strives to provide a welcoming, child-friendly atmosphere that induces comfort with each and every visit to Riverside Dental Centre. Our children’s play area keep kids entertained while they wait to receive dental care from one of our friendly dentists.

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