Dental Bridges Offered Near You

Dental bridges are one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures used to cover a gap between your smile. Dental crowns are positioned on both sides of the gap using a pontic, an artificial dental replacement adhered to the crowns for better support. Even though this is a great option to cover undesired spaces between your teeth, micro gaps between the artificial tooth and your gums make it easy for bacteria and plaque to develop dental infections.

Following the instructions provided by a dentist near you is key to avoid further complications in your oral health. If bacteria is stored in your teeth for a long time, you are exposed to gum disease and tooth decay.

How to Properly Clean Your Dental Bridges?

1. Tools

You can prevent oral infections by removing food bacteria under your dental bridge with adequate tooth-cleaning tools. Our Red Deer dentist recommends super floss and water picks to aid your daily dental hygiene.

2. Technique

How to use super floss? Insert the rigid side of the super floss into the underside of your dental bridge and slide it gently until the spongy end reaches the bridge. After taking care of your under-bridge, use the spongy end of the super floss to wrap it around your natural tooth and slide it in an up-and-down motion for a clean adjacent tooth.

After the micro-gap has been taken care of, use the sponge end to eliminate any bacteria or food residue from between the artificial tooth and your gums. Remove the super floss gently from the space between your gums and the bridge, and rinse well.

3. Oral hygiene routine

Daily brushing and flossing are essential to keep a healthy smile. It is no different for people with dental bridges; use a soft toothbrush for two minutes for better-cleaned bridges. Perform this twice a day. You can ask a dentist near you to provide you with the best oral hygiene routine to maintain a bright smile.

Keeping your teeth clean and white are two different processes. As time passes, you will see some natural tooth stains; your teeth can stain with a yellowish colour by consuming dark foods and drinks.

The best preventative measure to avoid tooth stains is to adjust your diet with non-darken foods and drinks. However, suppose you want to enjoy some dark foods and drinks. In that case, our dentist in Red Deer recommends that you wash your mouth with water after having any of these food products, in addition to the daily oral brushing and flossing routine you already follow.

Traditional cosmetic teeth whitening treatments with a dentist near you will not be effective on a dental bridge like natural teeth. Visit a dentist in Red Deer to best inform you of available dental bridge whitening treatments.

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