Invisalign tips and instructions

Invisalign: Aligner Protocol

How long do you wear your aligners?

·      Your Invisalign Aligners MUSTbe worn a minimum of 22-23 hrs each day

·      Switch aligners on the dates provided to you on  your aligner bags.  Though your teeth my feel “ready”for the next tray, you must allow the maximumamount of time needed so each aligner is fuller expressing the movements at each stage

·      Because you wear the aligners for long durations of time they will start out more rigid and with time they will fatigue (soften slightly): this can lead to small flecks of the tray material coming of the surfaces. This is normal and not an emergency.  


How do I make sure my aligners are fully seated (fitting properly)?

Each aligner tray within your treatment had incremental movements programmed, you must make sure you are doing your part in seating the aligners.  Most aligners will seat fulling within 1-3 days, but aids may be given to help with this.

·     Munchies- use munchies 4times per day in 15 minute intervals, biting and holding for 30 seconds

o use the round depression to hug the tips of your canines (eye teeth)

o use the larger slot to hug the edges of your upper incisors 

o use the smaller slot to hug the edges of your lower incisors 


Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking with the aligners is fine, and may be encouraged.  Immediately after the meal, please remove the aligners, clean your teeth and aligners.   



Soreness and discomfort is a normal occurrence with Invisalign treatment.  Your teeth are moving! If you develop sores on your lips/cheeks or gums, rinse with salt water 3x daily to aid in the healing process. You may also use a small file to help remove any minor irritation areas on the trays.  If you are inclined to medicate with over-the-counter medications, TYLENOL(acetaminophen) is the best during Invisalign treatment. Please AVOID use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (advil/motrin/aleve).  If you can not use Tylenol, please contact our office for further assistance. 


Cleaning Aligners

Invisalign Aligners should be cleaned used a toothbrush and toothpaste.  When stains and build up develop, you may also use a denture or retainer cleaner.  


Lost Trays

In the event of a lost aliigner, contact our office immediately.  If replacement aligners are required there will be a $75 feeper aligner


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